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Beyma is one of the big speakers producers of the 21st century. Beyma primilary provides loudspeaker manufacturers, only 10% to 20% of the market is given to retail selling. In Beyma you'll find speakers from 5 inches to 21 inches, magnet compression driver, tweeters (dome and "AMT"), horns, passives filters. Beyma is making a great effort to provide reapairs kits and diaphragm many years after the speaker frabrication is over. It an important point to know when you have a project of loudspeaker.

Since 1969 Beyma create et produce speakers in its factory situated in Valencia, Spain. The main goal of Beyma is simple : " be a reference supplier" for manufacturers of acoustics systems. Besides Beyma's mission is to satisfy customers needs by offering high performance speakers in the deadline granted. Since all these years Beyma acquired a great experience in speakers production, their quality and R&D services are constantly evoluting to provide a service always more efficient and close to the customer. 

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A propos de Beyma
- Nom : Acústica Beyma, S.L.
- Pays d'origine : Espagne | Ville : MONCADA-VALENCIA | Depuis : 1969
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