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All the tools you need to DO It Yourself : repair speakers, improve loudspeaker, build cabinets...

Cables Ties Cable Ties for audio system

Collar tie cables to electrical work (filter, internal wiring...

Adhesive Adhesive for DIY

Adhesive and gaffer for electric and event work

Scissors Scissors for DIY

Scissors to cut the acoustic fabric for speaker facades

Wood chisels chisels for cabinet

Scissors for woodworking, precision editing, handle with care!

Adjustable wrenches Adjustable wrenches

Wrench: quickly adapts to different nuts to screw / unscrew

Allen keys Allen keys for DIY

Allen key to pressure screws

Glue Adhesive glue and spray for DIY

Adhesive glue and spray for DIY

Cutter Cutter for DIY

The cutter allows precise cutting of materials, handle with care!

Embout vis Embout de vissage

Embout pour vis

Freinfilet Freinfilet en flacon

Freinfilet pour bloquer les serrages de vis et boulouns/écrous.

Treatment Product Treatment products speakers membranes

Treatment products for speakers acoustic application.

Hammer / Mallet Hammers and mallets for DIY

Hammer and mallet for cabinetmaking.

Mastic Sintobois et Sintofer chez TLHP

Mastic Sintobois et Sintofer pour les travaux de rebouchages.

Meter Meter in centimeter

Meter to measure in cm quickly

SPK measures Test sample of Thiele and Small speakers

Test sample of Thiele and Small speakers settings

Multimeter Multimeter for electrical measurement

Multimeter measures for work in electronics audio.

Power strip Power strip

Power strip for connecting multiple devices to a single power...

Paint Tools for speaker painting

Warnex special paint for finishing professional speaker, robust...

Caliper Caliper for DIY audio

Caliper for precise measurement of small objects (screws,...

Crowbar for sticking Crowbar for the sticking of the suspensions

Crowbar to hold two objects for example gluing, very convenient...

Wire stripper Wire stripper

Special crowbars to strip cables, fast, precise, effective!

Riveter Riveter

Crowbar for rivets, manual mode.

Needle Pliers Needle Pliers

Crowbar to grasp an object with specific, example difficult to...

Crimping tool Crimping pliers for sound cables

Pliers to crimp lugs, fork, on the lead wires.

Sharp crowbar Sharp crowbar

Pliers to cut the cables, also includes tongs

Bolt cutters Bolt cutters

Crowbar to cut the threaded rods, screws, rivets or reinforcing...

Waterpump pliers Waterpump pliers

Crowbar multitasking, widely used in DIY, easy to use.

Combination pliers Combination pliers

Clamp multitasking, cutting portion and flat portion for input,...

Presser / crowbar with beak Presser / crowbar with beak

Flat pliers to grip an object, or pliers, convenient to maintain...

Heavy-duty F-Clamp Heavy-duty F-Clamp for carpentry work

The clamp allows to maintain and tighten a timber assembly. We...

Welding Electronic products for welding

Welding tools: soldering iron, tin, magnifying glass, iron...

Cable Tester Cable Tester

Practical tool to verify the cables, continuity and polarity.

Screwdriver Screwdriver for DIY

Phillips screwdriver, screwdriver dish(flat), screwdriver...

Vis à bois Vis à bois pour les kits ébénisteries TLHP

Vis à bois pour les travaux d'assemblages d'ébénisterie...

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