Faital Pro - Professional Loudspeakers Made in Italy

Faital Pro is pretty young on the Pro speakers sector, but this manufacturer has a vast experience in manufacturing of loudspeakers, particularly for the automotive industry. Today Faital Pro became one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional speakers. TLHP is official distributor of speakers Faital Pro in France.

Faital S.p.A. is an Italian speaker manufacturer (based in Milan) who has a long experience in the manufacture of car audio loudspeakers. In the 2000s, looking for a source of development, Faital launches in the manufacture of loudspeakers for professional sound reinforcement applications, born while Faital Pro (« Pro » division of Faital). This range is a composition of cone speaker (subwoofer, low, low / mid, mid, double cone) from 3 inch to 18 inches, compression driver (1 inch, 1.4 inch and 2 inches) of coaxial speakers (6 inches and 8 inches) and some Horn. With Faital Pro, you can find many standard 4 and 8 ohm references and versions in 4 or 16 ohm impedance (12 ohms to see some special models for the "line array"). In recent years Faital Pro has made a valuable place among the leading manufacturers of Europeans loudspeakers.

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