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Radian is an American manufacturer, they are suggesting a range of compression driver (from 1", 1.4" to 2"), coaxial speakers (8", 10", 12" and 15") and low/mid frequency speaker (until 18 inches). Recently Radian decided to suggest Beryllium diaphragm for compression drivers. For those who bought a Radian Driver before this beryllium option, you have to know that you can subsitute your current diaphragm with a beryllium one to obtain the best performances epicially for the high fidelity sound systems.

Radian is based in the USA and is a compression drivers specialist producer. Radian products are imported from the factory based in the USA. For the compressions you can choose between 8 ohm and 16 ohm, to satisfy all your needs.
Radian can be found in nightclub, concerts and high-fidelity systems. Radian main strengthes are unblamable finition and a quality of listening close to perfection. 

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