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For more than 10 years TLHP has managed to forge strong links with its partners, to offer you the right price and delivery times, thanks to a permanent stock on the most requested models. But TLHP is not just a website, it's also :
- an available team which listen to the customers requests (product choice, custom made quotation , technical advises ...)
- production of flat pack wood kit
- production of Flat pack Sound System
- possibility to get birch plywood cut at your dimensions

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Customers' reviews

  • B&C Speakers R-8NDL51-8

    Loubriel: Work perfect

  • Beyma CD10FE/N-8

    Robert: Excellent replacement for the old CD300

  • Visaton KE 25 SC-8

    Fernando: Não tenho comentários a fazer neste aspecto.

  • Sica 3.5H1CS-8

    Paolo: I use them as fullrange drivers with no notch filter for a custom small stereo wood box, with 50 + 50w class D amplifier, they are exceptional, the low frequency

  • Audax TW010F1-8

    Koen: Great website. Perfect communication and follow up. I was very happy still to find a tweeter for my Pierre Etienne Leon Junior speakers that i bought via Le Bon Coin

  • Celestion G12EVH-15

    Alexis: I ordered two of these for a DIY 2x12 cabinet. They arrived really fast, i apprecuate the quick delivery time. They sound very good, as expected. I tried them with

  • BMS 15N850V2-8

    DK: Simply the best - awesome!

  • LaVoce FAN030.71-8

    janui: A good speaker for the price. I made a pair of bookshelf damp duct back loaded horn cabinets for the drivers based on the design here: https://sites.google.com/site/speakercraft999/-diy-ddbh---minimum-limited-ml-series (model DDBH-B08-ML) I

  • RCF LF21N551-8

    Petr: Heya. Missed the oportunity by a hair to buy LF21N551 from here at nice price, but at least I have a recommendationt for further purchases. For the price here, it

  • Tymphany GBS-115N25AL01-04

    Garrett: Absolutely incredible speaker. Repleced the B&O midrange speakers in my B9 A5 with these. Night and day difference. Like literally being at a concert. Highly versatile across genres, though acoustic

  • Mundorf Mundorf_MCAP

    Djordjevic: Good quality and sound for decent price, and for more than in budget loudspeakers.

  • Faital Pro 10RS350-8

    Jürgen: Sturdy made bass chassis with well balanced Thiele-Small Parameters!

  • Faital Pro HF10AK-8

    Jürgen: Top Produkt with extended HF!

  • Audax D-TW025A0-1-8

    Eduardo: Super fast delivery.

  • Audax HT300M2-8

    Dammous: I know the product since Audax in the seventies. The best woofer to be used in a closed cabinet of 203 litres and avoid deleterious phase shifts. Goes down to

  • Tymphany TG9FD10-04

    Jarno: This is Among the best small FR drivers regardless of the price. These are on par with several times more expensive SS and visaton drivers.

  • Faital Pro 3FE22-16

    Jarno: Excellent price performance ratio. A very sensitive little speaker

  • Audax HM170Z18-8

    Tom: Perfect driver for 2way constructions.

  • Faital Pro 18XL1800-8

    Jari: Exellent guality for the price!

  • Audax HM130Z0-8

    Nigel: Having lost the mid range speaker in a pair of Mission 782 enclosures research on the web pointed me towards these as a replacement, since the original units were not

  • Fostex FE103NV-8

    Gabelloni: Ottimi altoparlanti ad un buon prezzo

  • Fostex P1000-BH

    Gabelloni: Ottimo acquisto prodotto ben rifinito spedizione perfetta

  • Fostex FE208EZ-8

    Kees: great! great! with t900a in my 90cm globe's for great linarity

  • Tymphany GBS-115N25AL01-04

    Lim: Used them in an Audi A4 B9 door kids. Improved the B&O system mentioned by Bobby. Works as described. The company sent the product timely and purchase on line was

  • ScanSpeak D3004/660000-4

    mauro: after i sent the scan speak tweeters back (due to the packaging/delivery issue), the TLHP staff handled this issue very well ! listening to the customer's complaint and needs and

  • Mundorf BL140 1,5

    ALESSIO: VERY GOOD COIL!!! I've used it in the low pass section of a crossover with very good results, in terms of bass extension and dynamics! Very good seller too!!!

  • Mundorf BL140 2,2

    ALESSIO: VERY GOOD COIL!!! I've used it in the low pass section of a crossover with very good results, in terms of bass extension and dynamics! Very good seller too, fast

  • Audax TM025F1-8

    Albrecht: I have replaced a broken tweeter of a HHB Circle 3 speaker which uses the same AUDAX chassis I have ordered. The "original" tweeter from HHB has a hole for

  • BMS 15N850V2-8

    Mr: Simply the best!

  • ScanSpeak D3004/660000-4

    mauro: the scan peak 6600 's Delivery was on time. unfortunately something went wrong between packaging and delivery. the package was somewhat crushed, by inspection the dome had signs of touched/wrinkled