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The best manufacturers of speakers at the same place: RCF, PHL Audio, Fostex, B&C Speakers, Mundorf, Beyma, Tymphany, Celestion, BMS, Radian, Visaton, Audax, FaitalPRO, Sica...

For more than 10 years TLHP has managed to forge strong links with its partners, to offer you the right price and delivery times, thanks to a permanent stock on the most requested models. But TLHP is not just a website, it's also :
- an available team which listen to the customers requests (product choice, custom made quotation , technical advises ...)
- production of flat pack wood kit
- production of Flat pack Sound System
- possibility to get birch plywood cut at your dimensions

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Customers' reviews

  • ScanSpeak D3004/660000-4

    mauro: after i sent the scan speak tweeters back (due to the packaging/delivery issue), the TLHP staff handled this issue very well ! listening to the customer's complaint and needs and

  • Mundorf BL140 1,5

    ALESSIO: VERY GOOD COIL!!! I've used it in the low pass section of a crossover with very good results, in terms of bass extension and dynamics! Very good seller too!!!

  • Mundorf BL140 2,2

    ALESSIO: VERY GOOD COIL!!! I've used it in the low pass section of a crossover with very good results, in terms of bass extension and dynamics! Very good seller too, fast

  • Audax TM025F1-8

    Albrecht: I have replaced a broken tweeter of a HHB Circle 3 speaker which uses the same AUDAX chassis I have ordered. The "original" tweeter from HHB has a hole for

  • BMS 15N850V2-8

    Mr: Simply the best!

  • ScanSpeak D3004/660000-4

    mauro: the scan peak 6600 's Delivery was on time. unfortunately something went wrong between packaging and delivery. the package was somewhat crushed, by inspection the dome had signs of touched/wrinkled

  • Tymphany HDS-P830860

    Anol: Very good designed. But I can't say how it sounds because the crossover is not finish yet.

  • Tymphany GBS-115N25AL01-04

    Bobby: This speaker is simply amazing. It's bright and crystal clear. Vocals are assertive, horns and strings are detailed perfectly, electronic music is crisp and fast, and good old fashioned 80's

  • Audax HM100G0-8

    Henk: Fast express delivery from France to the Netherlands. Thank you very much. The Audax speakers sounds absolute crystal clear. Expected a little more bass in this segment. The speaker measurements

  • Radian LM8K-7

    Dirk: Some of the best high frequency drivers I have heard!

  • Fostex FE126NV-8

    Romanas: Great sounding speaker high sensitivity, well reproducible and high and low frequencies, especially good sounding instrumental music, vocals, bass is also enough. Cabinet made according to the scheme recommended by

  • Beyma 12BR70-8

    Robert: These are very nicely made drivers for the price. Decent chassis. Not too sure how most people would use this driver but I used for an open baffle line source,

  • Faital Pro HF2000-8

    Masuda: Splendid price, quality and service!

  • Faital Pro FD371-8

    Masuda: Splendid price, quality and service!

  • Davis Acoustics 13KLV5MA-8

    Jörn: Again very good packed. It was not my first order. But it should a better price if you buy for example 4 driver!

  • Audax HM130Z0-8

    Evseicikas: the speakers are made of high quality, sound great, I was satisfied.

  • ScanSpeak FOAM-D2010

    Marek: PERFECT !

  • Radian LM8K-7

    Mr: Super fast delivery! These ribbons are fantastic!

  • Monacor BR-50-4

    Vilius: Works as expected, but it is a little weak.

  • Monacor AT-52H

    Enrique: Utilizado para un atenuador de salida de un amplificador de guitarra a válvulas. Perfecto.

  • Eminence FI-PXB2:800

    Ole: Croosing over between Faital PR400 woofer and 4 x Faitalpro 3FE22-8. Function as expected, but no experience with similar products for comparing.

  • Faital Pro 3FE22-8

    Ole: They give pleasant high mid/high freq for bass guitar. Four of these have sensitivity that, when combined with a Faitalpro PR400, need no damping. Together it's a good system for

  • Faital Pro 15PR400-8

    Ole: This is used to make a copy of Genzler 15-3 bass guitar cabinet, combined with 4 x FaitalPro 3FE22-8 crossed over at 800Hz with Eminence x-over. Result is very good,

  • Beyma SM-110/N-8

    Waldemar: all its best ,alltime again ,sorry my english

  • Tymphany PLS-P830983-4

    janui: Great little speaker. I made a pair of damp duct back loaded horn cabinets for the drivers based on the design here: https://sites.google.com/site/speakercraft999/single_back_loaded_horn_enclosures (model [s14]TB-05R). To tame the effect of

  • TLHP Monacor-LSI-T

    guy: the products are always good ! so exelend

  • Audax HM210Z0-8

    Petr: Absolute top class 8" bass speaker, real bass, real sound, perfect micro and macro dynamics. He needs vented 75l volume. Bassreflex is OK, passive radiator SEAS SP26R is superb. You

  • LD Systems MAUI 28 SAT LS

    Victor: Well, I received the item on time and was great. Thanks .

  • B&C Speakers 12HPL64-4

    niklas: Great

  • RCF MB15N405-8

    Frank: Auch die zweite Lieferung ohne Beanstandungen . Sauber verpackt und schnell geliefert . Meine nächste anstehende Bestellung wird definitiv wieder hier bei TLHP geordert .