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TLHP is a family company for 27 years, based in France (near Rennes in Britanny). Welcome to the biggest stock in the EU of speakers and linked DIY parts.

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The best manufacturers of speakers at the same place: RCF, PHL Audio, Fostex, B&C Speakers, Mundorf, Beyma, Tymphany, Celestion, BMS, Radian, Visaton, Audax, FaitalPRO, Sica...

For more than 10 years TLHP has managed to forge strong links with its partners, to offer you the right price and delivery times, thanks to a permanent stock on the most requested models. But TLHP is not just a website, it's also :
- an available team which listen to the customers requests (product choice, custom made quotation , technical advises ...)
- production of flat pack wood kit
- production of Flat pack Sound System
- possibility to get birch plywood cut at your dimensions

Have a good surf on the TLHP website !

Sound System TLHP APOLLON-V, Flat pack, unique in the world, manufactured in France and with tree wood !


Customers' reviews

  • Audax HM170Z0-8

    : High quality. Fast delivery.

  • ScanSpeak 18W/4434G00-4

    Rolf: Very good and highly recommended

  • SEAS D-T29C

    Jorgo: One diaphragm of two was damaged.

  • Supravox 215 S BIC-8

    Giovanni: Quality product both constructive and sound. Surprising performance on the entire range in open baffles, temporary accommodation before building the Supravox RJ project. Super fast delivery

  • Fostex T90A-8

    František: Best price in Europe.

  • Fostex FW208HS-8

    Viktor: Long delivery time, as the speakers had to be ordered in advance from the manufacturer. Information about delivery times, if the speakers have to be ordered from the manufacturer, could

  • Mundorf Mundorf_MCAP

    Antonios: Very good capacitors for their price

  • Mundorf Mundorf_MCAP

    Antonios: Very good capacitors for their price

  • Fountek FW168K-8

    Alexander: Sehr schöne und wertige Chassis zu einem tollen Preis. Wieder einmal toller Service une schnelle LIeferung durch TLHP.

  • Supravox 215 S-8

    Paschalis: Poor low, dirty high. Greece. Miros Paschalis.

  • SEAS CA18RNX-8

    Antonios: The speakers were outstanding. The magnet is as big as almost the speaker itself. The package is very sturdy and professional. Once again TLHP was professionals. I suggest them especially

  • BMS 12N820-4

    Peter: The BMS 12N820 is one of the highest top quality speakers currently available on the market. It took substantially longer than expected until I received the speakers - after 3

  • Beyma 6MI90-8

    ale: medio molto buono abbinato al Beyma CP21F e a multiamplificazione da ottimi risultati

  • Audax TW025A28-8

    Trifonov: Качественный продукт! Очень быстрая доставка!

  • Monacor MBR-50

    Antonios: It is very good because it is adjustable and you can adjust any length you want

  • TLHP grouped_K-X17-1460

    Antonios: Very good damping material. Use it everywhere.

  • Beyma CP21F-8

    Valeriy: I didn't test extensively, but they seem to sound great. I use it with Beyma 6P200FE-8 in my custom built speakers. Each driver is fed by its own amplifier (bi-amping)

  • Beyma 6P200FE-8

    Valeriy: Very deep and clean sound. Make sure you use a box of recommended volume 20L. Great driver! A bit too expensive, though.

  • Monacor DT-254-8

    Vámos: Perfect price. Perfect delivery time.

  • Monacor AT-52H

    Oparnica: High quality product , very good price .

  • Beyma 15P80FEN-8

    antonis: very good packing and very fast!! thanks a lot!! :)

  • Audax TW025A2-4

    paul: merci, plesant

  • Supravox 285 GMF-8

    Paschalis: I use this for electric guitars for clear sound, on oren baffle. It's the best I've ever been. I recommend it unreservedly. Generally, the supraxox speaker has one of the

  • Audax 17LB25ALBC-6

    davide: Le produit est arrivé parfaitement intact et conforme aux attentes. la marque est au top de la qualité. le haut-parleur est une excellente gamme complète. Je recommande à tout le

  • BMS D-4550-8

    Gisolfi: Ditta seria

  • B&C Speakers DCM50-8

    Gunnar: Used in 65cm mouth diameter JMLC-horn. Sounds very good, detailed, smooth, and less fatigueing than the titanium based driver that it replaced. Crossed at 500 and 4000Hz.

  • B&C Speakers DE250-8

    Gunnar: Used in a 20cm mouth diameter JMLC-horn. Very satisified so far, sounds very good, and great value.

  • Audax D-PR120I1-8

    Ayhan: Super qualittät. Danke! Das ist für den tweater von JBL M360, PA box.. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.

  • Beyma 12G40-8

    Robert: excellent speaker, defined low and high quality build. It is really heavy so useless for a 4 speaker cabinet unless you have roadies enough to haul it around.

  • B&C Speakers 21DS115-4

    Vincent: I am satisfied with the goods. The shipping could be a little faster, but it is fine. The communication went perfectly