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For more than 10 years TLHP has managed to forge strong links with its partners, to offer you the right price and delivery times, thanks to a permanent stock on the most requested models. But TLHP is not just a website, it's also :
- an available team which listen to the customers requests (product choice, custom made quotation , technical advises ...)
- production of flat pack wood kit
- production of Flat pack Sound System
- possibility to get birch plywood cut at your dimensions

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Customers' reviews

  • Audax TW6X9A-8

    Ron: Very large choice in webshop and fast shipping.


    Harald: sehr guter Dämmstoff, leicht zu verarbeiten . kann auch mit Flächenkleber fixiert werden.

  • Audax PR170M0-8

    Gerald: The best Pro-Mid-Speaker all over the world.

  • AB Sound EP-32.65

    Simon: This reflex port works well in small enclosures (~6-12 litres) with small drive units (13cm and below, depending upon the Xmax). I used it in a box of 10 litres,

  • SB Acoustics SATORI_MW13P-4

    Sdao: Very nice midwoofer in a Jeff Bagby's Revolution mini loudspeaker.

  • Monacor DT-25N-8

    David: The part arrived quickly even though it was from the other side of the world and was exactly what I ordered in perfect condition.

  • Audax HM210G6-8

    Anthony: Great replacements for the purple plastic drivers in my HHB Circle 5 monitors (which disintegrated of course). Exact fit. I think these were the best choice (and cheapest!) from the

  • B&C Speakers DCM50-16

    John: Haven't had a chance to try this product yet, but the guys from TLHP have been just incredible. Fantastic service & always get back to you. Quickest delivery ever. Highly

  • B&C Speakers DE10-8

    John: Using this for a new DIY speaker project. Haven't built the cabinets yet, so can't comment on the product, but the service from TLHP is very impressive. Excellent communication &

  • Monacor SPH-135C-8

    KYRIAKOS: I used these units to upgrade my Mission 751 speakers. I also bought Monacor SPH-135C a month ago.Good small driver with a very good bass behavior. It is very nice

  • Audax TW025A1-8

    Hlias: very good tweeter .I was completely happy with the sound and its quality.

  • Beyma D-CP21/F-225-8

    Guy: Replacement diaphragm for Beyma CP25, fast, correct delivery.

  • Tymphany FSL-0512R01-08

    Vicko: Outstanding speaker. The price-performance ratio is excellent. Unexpectedly good PA speaker from a company that primarily produces HI-FI speakers. Too bad it's not on sale anymore!

  • Atohm WT-7992-G

    Marco: Nice quality, easy to use.

  • Monacor BR-100HP

    Marco: Nice quality

  • Eminence BGH25-8

    Marco: Very good horn. I couple it with the Eminence S2012 and it sound perfectly. To be used with an attenuator.

  • Eminence BASSLI S2012-8

    Marco: Very good. It has a clear sound and a wonderful sensitivity. To be recommended.

  • AB Sound CE-55x53-2P

    Marco: Good product of fine quality

  • Eminence PX-LPAD

    Marco: Easy to install. Works fine.

  • Eminence FI-PXB2:2K5CX

    Marco: The crossover works very fine. Good quality of materials.

  • Faital Pro 18FH500-8

    Oleg: Great speakers, superb quality, good price.

  • BMS D-4538-8

    Jeroen: Exactly as described, fast shipment.....

  • Faital Pro 12PR300-4

    Heinz: The Faital 12PR3xx-series is famous for their very low mechanical resistance. That's why the diyaudio.com-community took the 12PR320 for their OSMC-project as well Troels Gravesen for the 3WC-project. Combined with

  • PHL Audio 1460TWX-8+6

    Heinz: Best money can buy. I have bought a total of three pairs, two for use as stereo speaker in vented cabs alone, 40 Hz-18 kHz. One pair in closed cabs

  • Faital Pro 12FH520-4

    Marco: Great build quality, nice tight bass response and when eq'ed very well behaved. Subjectively the double 12" beats the old single 15" JBL I have by a big margin, and

  • Beyma 12BR70-8

    Niels: Berry nice unit easy to ude and modigt.

  • B&C Speakers 15PLB76-8

    Gijs: Works Great as a replacement driver for 15 in vented cabinets.

  • Tymphany DA25BG08-06

    David: Many thanks, This tweeter is excellent. I am a Loudspeaker designer and built Loudspeakers back in the late 1970's and early 80's. I have tried many HF units this past

  • Monacor SP-6/150PA-8

    Edmond: Bonjour, comme à chaque commande, le service, pour moi, est parfait. Les HP's sont très bien emballés donc bien protégés... La possibilité d'un paiement fractionné est vraiment un "plus" et

  • Audax TM025C7-4

    Lim: I've been searching all over the net for the replacement of the same tweeter for my mission 7 rear speaker and finally I found it at tlhp. I'm very happy