Procedure for export orders via forwarder

This kind of request is special and the website is not able to manage it properly, then we can offer this special service only with a quotation request.

The principle is that TLHP manage the delivery up to your forwarder (to "Le Havre" port load for example), and after you manage your delivery with your own forwarder.
TLHP is responsible for the goods until handed over to the forwarder.

Process to follow :

  • 1°) Login into your customer account.

  • 2°) Set your address book in such a way that:
    • the "Default Billing Address" matches with your local company address (for example in French Guyana) ;
    • the "Default Shipping Address" matches with your complete forwarder address in France, with the details you estimates necessary (your forwarder customer account number, your company name, in order to get a link to you by the forwarder when he receive the delivery from us).

  • 3°) Load your cart with the products you want.

  • 4°) Click on the button "Request cart quotation" in the bottom of the cart.
  • Now you are on the "Quotation request" form page, which is automatically loaded with your "Default Billing Address", "Default Shipping Address" and cart content.

  • 5°) Add this message in the comment field : "This is an Export Order through my forwarder".

  • 6°) Submit your quotation request with the button in the right bottom.

You will receive (the same day or the next business day) a quotation by email following your special request. A fixed processing fee of € 11.95 excl. VAT is applied in addition to freight charges for deliveries to freight forwarder in France.

Another case

If you want that your forwarder manage the delivery directly from our wharehouse, that is possible, it is an Exworks incoterm, for that case please have a look at the paragraph "Shipping by your own carrier (Incoterm EXW)" de la page Shipping & Return for an order .