Procedure to follow for order exportations via forwarder

Export orders via forwarding agent correspond to a particular case of VAT management, of which the two main elements are :
- Billing exclusive of with only a french territory billing country or outside the European Union.
- Delivery to a freight forwarder in mainland France only.

The principle is that TLHP delivers your order to your forwarder (at the port of Le Havre in France for example), and you manage the transport from the port of Le Havre to your home with your own forwarder.
TLHP is responsible for the goods until delivery to the forwarder.

Process to follow :

  • 1°) Log in to your customer account.

  • 2°) Configure your address book so that:
    • The default billing address corresponds to the address in the destination country (outside the European Union).
    • The default delivery address corresponds to the full address of your forwarder in France, including any details necessary for delivery to your forwarder in good conditions (your forwarder account number, your company name ... so the forwarder can make the connection to you when he receives your order from us).

  • 3°) Contact us and request the activation of your "Export Freight Forwarder" account.

Once your account is activated in "Export Freight Forwarder":
You will see the words "Forwarder Exportation Account" at the top of the top (next to the logo) when you are logged into your customer account.
This type of account does not allow the modification of an address in your customer account is disabled. If you want to add, delete or modify an address in your customer account, we invite you to contact us specifying your need (which address you want to modify or delete or add. If it is a delivery or billing address or both). In the case of a change of address, specify the desired changes. In the case of adding a new address, provide the full address and specify whether it is for delivery, billing or both.

It is possible to disable your "Export Freight Forwarder" account, for example if you wish to occasionally deliver to outside of mainland France, in this case other VAT rules will apply.

Your forwarder must give us an export certificate after receipt of the delivery.

Another case

If you want that your forwarder manage the delivery directly from our wharehouse, that is possible, it is an Exworks incoterm, for that case please have a look at the paragraph "Shipping by your own carrier (Incoterm EXW)" de la page .

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