Welcome at TLHP, the madmen of sound !

TLHP is a family company for 27 years, based in France (near Rennes in Britanny). Welcome to the biggest stock in the EU of speakers and linked DIY parts.

+13000 products, +800 m² wharehouse

262 products questions were answered.
7991 product reviews by our customers.
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The best manufacturers of speakers at the same place: RCF, PHL Audio, Fostex, B&C Speakers, Mundorf, Beyma, Tymphany, Celestion, BMS, Radian, Visaton, Audax, FaitalPRO, Sica...

For more than 10 years TLHP has managed to forge strong links with its partners, to offer you the right price and delivery times, thanks to a permanent stock on the most requested models. But TLHP is not just a website, it's also :
- an available team which listen to the customers requests (product choice, custom made quotation , technical advises ...)
- production of flat pack wood kit
- production of Flat pack Sound System
- possibility to get birch plywood cut at your dimensions

Have a good surf on the TLHP website !

Sound System TLHP APOLLON-V, Flat pack, unique in the world, manufactured in France and with tree wood !


Customers' reviews

  • Sica LP90.28/N92-8

    hoschibill: Very well made. Sounds excellent. Recommendation.

  • RCF MB10G251-8

    Niels: The speakers will be in a homemade linearray cabinet with a JBL 2440 horndriver. Sub will be a RCF 18" Horn already built; kit from TLHP. Sound is amazing!

  • RCF HF99

    Alexander: Very tough metal construction and convenient mounting plate! Also like the front cutouts to fit with the woofer.

  • Faital Pro 18HP1022-8

    Gijs: Used for bandpass horn

  • Sica 10D1.5CS-8

    Mark: very good fullrange in ventilated case, very sweet highs und mids, Bass is very danymic but not to deep, for the price a highlight, quality is ok, paper cone better

  • Faital Pro 15PR400-8

    Ronald: Looks good, but still have to build Tony Gee's Calpamos

  • Monacor LTR-110

    mhail: ok

  • Fostex FT17H-8

    Olga: A big request is not to use EMS mail when sending orders to Russia. The speaker arrived (in good condition) from France to Russia in a week and for another

  • Sica 5F1.5CP-16

    Dietmar: Perfect service, good Speaker.

  • Monacor SP-252C-4

    Igor: Price/Quality => 0

  • Sica 6.5H1.5CP-8

    Georgi: Really good sounding woofer with absolutely lovely midrange.Good X- max ,and really good definition in bass range.Good efficiency,and doesn't need a lot of power to fill the room and handles

  • Monacor DT-109-8

    Georgi: Very good product.you get what you pay for...if not more.detailed and precise sound.you couldn't expect less from monacor

  • Tymphany FSL-0615R02-08

    Peter: nothing to find fault with!

  • Beyma SM-115/N-8

    Jürgen: I am using this speaker for an open baffle application (U-frame). To me it has an ideal set of parameters for this use. Thanks to the reasonable price and the

  • Audax D-TW025A0-1-8

    Mike: Perfect voice coils to restore my tweeters from my classic Bozak speakers- many sat they cannot be repaired because the original voice coils are adhered to the face plate however

  • Tymphany HDS-P830860

    Dimitris: Excellend mid woofer, very good sound, very good power handle. Good mats with Tymphany XT25TG30-04

  • Tymphany XT25TG30-04

    Dimitris: Very good tweeter

  • ScanSpeak D3004/660000-4

    Kiss: Ordered a pair of these, build quality and sound is top notch but some inconsistency between the samples (around 0.5dB difference in sensitivity and some frequency response difference). Although not

  • RCF LF18N401-8

    Gerald: Perfect as always

  • Tymphany NE123W-08

    Thomas: Super!!

  • Sica LP110.28/380TW-8

    Thomas: Fine build Quality for the Price-tag. Fine litze design of the voice coil connection.. simial to D-28AF and other vintage Classics . Has a very warm and uncolored low end

  • Sica 5F1.5CP-8

    Thomas: Fine build Quality for the Price-tag. Has a warm & smooth mid- ranges sound. Have no system experience at this moment ..

  • Sica 6.5H1.5CP-8

    Thomas: Fine build Quality for the Price-tag. Has a clear and open sound.. with good sound stages performance.. Have no system experience at this moment ..

  • Audax HT170G2-8

    christina: Just perfect. It came within a few days

  • La-Planche-de-Bois.fr EB-IDUNN-CP18

    Kristoffer: Very nice kit... the wood is very high quality. I like the tweeter... also. The midbass woven pp is not really my thing. I hear also a bit f colloration

  • Beyma D-CD10/14ND/N_FE/N

    Hallgeir: Very fast delivery and good price. Will for sure use you next time.

  • Audax HM170Z0-8

    : High quality. Fast delivery.

  • ScanSpeak 18W/4434G00-4

    Rolf: Very good and highly recommended

  • SEAS D-T29C

    Jorgo: One diaphragm of two was damaged.

  • Supravox 215 S BIC-8

    Giovanni: Quality product both constructive and sound. Surprising performance on the entire range in open baffles, temporary accommodation before building the Supravox RJ project. Super fast delivery

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